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Source: http://www.popcultureshocktoys.com/products/masters-of-the-universe-he-man-s...

Pop Culture Shock Collectibles is proud to announce the Masters of the Universe ‘HE-MAN’ 1:4 scale statue based specifically on the classic 80’s Filmation ‘Masters of the Universe’ cartoon. Every effort has been made to create the most accurate collectible of He-Man as he appeared in the beloved series. Our artists studied hours of animation, including actual production cells and 30 year old style guide artwork to bring you this long awaited collectible. In addition, this finely crafted Pop Culture Shock Collectibles Exclusive, limited to ONLY 350 pieces, will come with He-Man’s inept wizard, Orko !
  • PCS Exclusive with ORKO: 350
  • Regular Edition: 750
  • Licensor: TM &© 2013 Mattel, Inc. Under license to Classic Media. All rights reserved.
  • Product Type: Polystone Statue
  • Product Size: : 29” H (73.66cm) x 10” W (25.4cm) x 9” L (22.86cm)
  • Product Weight: 17lbs (7.71kg) Estimate
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